What’s in a name said Shakespeare,
It’s all in the name say I.
Years ago, Purba by ‘Pishi’ was named I;
“The daughter of East” was what she explained was I.
Father’s daughter was always called I,
That must be the reason for same initial think I.
Not to forget the love for geography my family has sate I:
For we are named after white snow; oceans to Orient, laugh I.
The displacement of ‘V’ by ‘B’ in name is common infer I;
For Bengalis have special love for their script read I.
People question why Apurva or Purvi was not named I,
‘Coz I was not present to choose my name, sarcastic I.
But this is the name, by which, I swore to die,
For it’s just a name, it’s my very existence know I.

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